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Exhibition Communication of Sweden-China Contemporary Art 2015-03-29










Communication of Sweden-China Contemporary Art
Celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Sweden and China Established Diplomatic Relations

Antti Ekström
Ingvar Staffans
Olle Bonniér
Roj Friberg
Ricardo Donoso
Salazar Luna
Stefania Sir
蔡广斌 Cai GuangBin
陳墙 Chen Qiang
黄渊青 Huang YuanQing
潘微 Pan Wei
曲丰国 Qu FengGuo
吴林田 Wu LinTian
薛松 Xue Song

203ART 上海市莫干山路50号8号楼203室
203 Art Space, Room 203, No. 8 Building No. 50 Moganshan Road

203 Art Gallery AB. 瑞典203画廊。
Orient Culture Art Production Group AB. Shang-Art AB. 瑞典东方文化艺术传播集团公司
11 culture AB. 瑞典十一文化艺术公司
Asian Culture Art Publishing House AB. 瑞典亚细亚出版社 瑞典尚艺文化传播有限公司

Nordic chinese times
People’s daily Nordic companies
Sweden China Friendship Association
Nordic Council for the promotion of Chinese culture

Antti Ekström on SVT (Sveriges Television) 2015-03-27

“Two Uppsala Artists will soon go to Shanghai in China to participate in a unique art exhibition. A total of seven Swedish artists and seven Chinese exhibit their art together. This event is something that Uppsala artists hope to open up the Chinese market for Swedish art.

A work of art is emerging in Ingvar Staffan’s studio at Rackarberget. In April, he along with fellow artist Antti Ekström and five other artists go to China, to exhibit their art.

The idea came from the Swedish-Chinese Friendship Association and is a tribute to them diplomatic relations between the countries occupied 65 years ago. The exhibition, which will also appear in Sweden eventually, occurs along with seven Chinese artists and demonstrate modern contemporary art. And this is something we hope will open new doors, both artistically and financially.”

Link to video and article:

Press release 2015-03-25
Swedish artists exhibit art in China, in a unique exhibition

In a unique major exhibition in Shanghai, China, a group of Swedish artists with names like Roj Friberg, Olle Bonniér, Antti Ekstrom, Ricardo Donso, Salazar Luna, Ingvar Staffans with several to exhibit their artwork along with several of China’s leading artists.

The exhibition will show a Swedish-Chinese constellation of contemporary visual art, which is one of the first of its kind to be conducted in China. The exhibition will be opening Friday 10th of April 2015 in Shanghai.


For press photo, click here for download.*

*Press photo of painting “Contropon” by Antti Ekström (oil on canvas), one of the paintings to be exhibited in Sweden-Chinese art exhibtion on the 10th of April 2015. Press photo may be used only by media together with the related press release. Before use, please inform us before! No other re-production is allowed.



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201512 - Antti Ekström will exhibit on at several exhibitions next year in China and Sweden. More information at About page.

201503 - Antti Ekström will exhibit in Shanghai, China, with a group exhibition on 10th of April, at 203 Art Gallery. More information soon!

201407 - Antti Ekström will participate at The Perfect World Foundation’s art auction gala on September 18th of 2014, in Gotheburg, Sweden. Take you chance to bid on original art and contribute to save endangered animals. More information:

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