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6569_106415456308_645346308_2261043_7771396_nAntti Ekström (born 1983), Swedish contemporary artist, is a multitalented persona. A modern polymath who masters various of disciplines like art, art history, ceramics, metalwork, design, entertainment magic, photography, juggling, medicine, acupuncture, martial arts among others. Antti Ekström is born and educated in Sweden. From a young age, he has been studying many forms of disciplines, and still develops his skills and knowledge.

As well as the many different types of disciplines Antti Ekström masters, as well he masters different styles in the art. He works in styles from classical realist art to modern contemporary art. Antti Ekström is educated in modern art, classical realist art and art history.

Antti Ekström’s art is eclectic and diverse, and the unique expression unites everything. He develops and is constantly seeking new ways all the time, instead of stopping to repeat himself. Antti Ekström is a listed artist at Artprice.com, world leader in art market information. Antti Ekström’s art is represented in private art collections worldwide like France, Finland, China, Sweden and many more. Antti Ekström is exhibiting his art at major art galleries and art museums in Asia.

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Upcomping Exhibitions
2016.01.09 – 203 Art Gallery, Shanghai, China (more information soon)
2016.01 – 203 Art Gallery, Uppsala, Sweden
2016.03 – Shanghai Normal East University, Shanghai, China (more information soon)
2016 / summer – Shanghai, China (more information soon)

Past Exhibitions
2015.06.29-2015.07.04 - One Belt, One Road; International Art Communication, Hangzhou Qianjiang International Art Museum, Hangzhou, China
2015.04.10-2015.04.19 – Communication of Sweden China Contemporary Art, 203 Art Space, Shanghai, China
2015.04.09-2015.04.19 – Communication of Sweden China Contemporary Art, Dahu Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014.09.18 – The Perfect Art Auction, Gothenburg, Sweden. More information: www.theperfectworldfoundation.org
2014 – Park Art Fair International, Germany
2012 – Park Art Fair International, Geneva, Switzerland
2011 – Park Art Fair International, Geneva, Switzerland
2010 – General Electric, Solna, Sweden
2010 – Artissimo 2010 Collective International Exhibition 1, The Opera Gallery, Hungary
2010 – Showdown, Saatchi Online
2009 – Showdown, Saatchi Online
2004 – Art Directed with Thorsten Flinck, Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm, Sweden
2003 – Student Show, Uppsala Konstskola, Uppsala, Sweden




The Perfect Art Auction

Antti Ekström participated at The Perfect World Foundation’s art auction gala on September 18th of 2014, in Gotheburg, Sweden.
Antti Ekström is an artist supporter of The Perfect World Foundation. More information: www.theperfectworldfoundation.org

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201512 - Antti Ekström will exhibit on at several exhibitions next year in China and Sweden. More information at About page.

201503 - Antti Ekström will exhibit in Shanghai, China, with a group exhibition on 10th of April, at 203 Art Gallery. More information soon! www.203art.com

201407 - Antti Ekström will participate at The Perfect World Foundation’s art auction gala on September 18th of 2014, in Gotheburg, Sweden. Take you chance to bid on original art and contribute to save endangered animals. More information: www.theperfectworldfoundation.org

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